AI-900 Certification Study Pack

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The AI-900 Study Pack comes with a Prep guide and four hands-on labs to get you ready for the Microsoft Azure AI-900 AI Fundamentals certification test.

You can get an AI certification! 

The Microsoft Azure AI-900 AI Fundamentals certification is a non-technical certification to demonstrate general knowledge of AI and Machine Learning and understanding of Azure AI products such as Computer Vision and the Azure Machine Learning Studio.  The certification is good for three years and can enhance a resume, build new skills, and develop new career interests.

Our AI-900 Certification Study Pack combines our AI-900 Prep Guide with notes on how to get the most out of Microsoft’s free AI-900 AI Fundamentals Learning Path content along with four of our favorite step-by-step AI hands-on labs for Azure that are directly related to the AI-900 content and test.  The AI-900 Study Pack helps new users prep for the AI-900 Certification test.   

NOTE:  If you have previously purchased the Azure 6-Pack, you will be purchasing Missions 2, 4, and 5 in duplicate.  You will get Mission 7 and the AI-900 Prep Guide.

Download Contents:

  • AI-900 Certification Prep Guide:  Our test prep strategies to get the most out of Microsoft’s free AI-900 AI Fundamentals Learning Path content comes with a content outline for note taking and tips for maximizing your readiness for test day.
  • Mission 4:  A hands-on exercise using Azure’s Machine Learning Designer for drag-and-drop machine learning to create a binary classification model.   
  • Mission 7:  The hands-on exercise using Azure’s Automated ML service in the Azure Machine Learning Studio to create a model with minimal effort and no ML skills needed.
  • Mission 2:  This hands-on lab builds direct experience with Azure’s AI Language services for Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech and AI Translator services.
  • Mission 5:  This hands-on exercise builds knowledge using Azure’s Cognitive Service for Language as you work with Sentiment Analysis on customer feedback.
  • Easy in/Easy out.   Free with every purchase.  We provide our Blast off! and Bail out! guides to starting and closing your Microsoft Azure account so you never feel locked in and can always ramp down if you need to.  

On Purchase

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