Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio - Sign in loop

Posted by Scott Phillips on 5th Jan 2023

In our Cloud Astronauts 'Mission 4 Mars Savings Bond Prediction' for Microsoft Azure, we guide you through using the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio’s drag-and-drop Designer tool to create a machine learning model and then use it to make predictions. It’s a really powerful service that makes basic Machine Learning accessible without requiring coding, at least in simple scenarios.  We think this is an awesome service!

However, we have seen a recent anomaly that requires a bit of perseverance. When using your Machine Learning workspace to Launch Studio, we have found some challenges with authentication and sign in.  These could be unique to our own account in which there have been multiple Users/Roles created in the account - Owner roles and Contributor roles - and used to access the Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Here are the details.  When launching or signing back in to Studio, we have recently seen (Dec/Jan, 22/23) a series of repeated authentication requests where you are asked to select your user account multiple times (5+).  You attempt to sign in to the Studio.  You pick your user account id/email. The login goes back to the Studio page. Then, before Studio displays, you are prompted to login again.  This loop happens 5-6 times, each time looping back to a sign-in request.  Eventually, you send up with a timeout/session expired page with a ‘Sign in again’ button (see below).  At this point when selecting the 'Sign in again' button, you are able to finally sign into the Azure Machine Learning Studio service successfully.

There are several potential reasons for this (caching, etc.), but to novice users, this process can be off-putting.  Our guidance is to be patient and keep following the prompts on screen to login.  You may have to close your browser and try re-launching studio from your portal workspace service.  We have not seen a case of being completely prevented from access.  And the Azure Machine Learning Studio is a very cool tool.  It’s worth being patient and persevering for.

Again, these issues could be unique to our own account due to past role setup and configuration.  It may be related to have multiple Microsoft 365 identities open at the same time (from different emails).  Or it could be related to caching or even another issue.  We don’t know.  We just know you may not see this and, if you you, you will eventually still be able to access the Machine Learning Studio after a series of tries, even if it seems to take a while.  If you experience this yourself, just keep signing in.  You’ll get in eventually.  And then, you get to use the ML Studio.