Enterprise Offerings

Enterprises are constantly searching for innovative learning approaches and opportunities. We are pleased to offer some options.

Our Learning Approach:  We believe learning should be fun.  Cloud Astronauts promotes individual learning that is bottoms up and hands-on rather than top down.  Our goal is to inspire your workforce to learn independently, explore new technology, and discover new insights to drive new opportunities.     

We are a complement to, not a competitor with, corporate training programs.  Our Cloud STEM education products offer learning that is voluntary, practical, low cost, and requires minimal to no management or administrative overhead to implement.   What’s not to love about that?

Cloud Astronaut Offerings for the Enterprise: 

  • Employee discount coupon.  Our simplest offering is an Employee Discount Coupon.  At your request, we’ll create a bespoke coupon code for your company/organization (ex. YOURCORP20OFF) and offer your employees a discount on our already low cost products.  Free to implement, no effort to manage.   Simple and easy.  Discount negotiable.  Limits apply.  
  • Reimbursement + Discount.  Manage with your standard enterprise expense programs.  You offer a reimbursement to employees for purchasing Cloud Astronauts materials (in combination with our discount program).  Easy to manage (existing processes).  No leakage (only reimburse employees that purchased).  You get engaged employees and the knowledge of who is motivated enough to learn independently.
  • You distribute.  For Enterprises with secure internal employee software distribution and download capability, you host and distribute our content to reduce friction and cost.  Select enterprises only.  Terms and limits apply.  
  • License our Content.   We can license our content for your Enterprise training programs.  We have both lab/hands-on content as well as bespoke PowerPoint materials on Cloud Native and AI/Machine Learning.  You get the latest labs.  We work with your teams in IT and Training/HR.  We train your trainers.  We help your team customize training content with your own case studies and content.  Standard consulting time & expense rates apply.   Rates negotiable.

Enterprise or non-profit, think tank or academia, we are happy to help any organization of any size in any setting inspire its workforce to explore the frontiers of technology from Cloud to AI.

To learn more, contact us at Flight.Control@CloudAstronauts.com.