Gift the Future

The future can be a gift with Cloud Astronauts.     

At Cloud Astronauts, we create learning products that inspire excitement about the technologies of today using stories about a future that is possible tomorrow.   

Our Gift Certificate program is an ideal gift for birthdays, summer learning adventures, team challenges, or even client gifts.  Gift Certificates can be purchased in amounts from $5-$50.  You decide how much to give.  Simply select GIFT CERTIFICATES in the top right menu between the SEARCH and SIGN IN links to learn more or begin spreading joy.

How it works:

When you buy a Gift Certificate, you are sending it to a specific person and their email.  The gift is 'not transferrable', but neither is the gift code linked to the email you've sent it to.  The recipient can use it or give it to someone else.  Once the Gift Certificate is redeemed for a purchase, any remaining balance cannot be transferred to another account.

With Cloud Astronauts, you can give a gift of the future while inspiring interest and learning in the technologies of today.

Who do you want to inspire?