Mission 1 - Deploy Mars Shuttle App using Microsoft Azure

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Explore the Azure Portal and load the Mars Transit Shuttle application onto a global Content Delivery Network in minutes!
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The Mission 1 Flight Package - Deploy Mars Shuttle App on Azure includes all you need to take your first step in an exciting adventure to learn about the Cloud and how it really works.  Easy to use and learn.  No coding or technical skills required.  See what the hype is about by exploring Microsoft’s Azure Cloud firsthand.

Your Test Pilot Scenario:  It's 2042 and you are outward bound on Day 2 of a 210-day journey to Mars aboard the Mars Transit Shuttle.  The captain has requested you to install the latest version of their onboard passenger service application on the locally hosted Microsoft Azure cloud.  This is a great opportunity to develop skills navigating around the Azure Portal and beginning to use services like Azure Storage Account and tools like Azure Storage Explorer to load and deploy static web content on the Azure global Content Delivery Network.  You will need these skills during your tour at Mars Colony.

Start your cloud journey today!  A fun and engaging first step for anyone that wants to get hands-on and test pilot the Azure Cloud.

Download Contents:

  • Mission 1 Flight Pack:  The package includes our Test Pilot User Guide with step-by-step instructions that make learning easy and a custom web application, the Mars Transit Shuttle app.    
  • Easy in/Easy out.   Free with every purchase.  We provide our Blast off! and Bail out! guides to starting and closing your Microsoft Azure account so you never feel locked in and can always ramp down if you need to.

On Purchase

  • This product is delivered by email from Cloud Astronauts immediately after purchase.  You will receive links to download your Mission materials.  Watch your Junk mail folder if you don't see it immediately.  Complete your download anytime within 60 days and up to two times.