Mission 8-Pack: 8 Missions, one great price!

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1-3 (Easy to Medium)
The complete 8-pack of missions exploring Cloud Native services and Artificial Intelligence on AWS all in one place at our best possible price.
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The complete Mission 8-pack includes everything in Missions 1-8 at a 25% discount. On this journey with Cloud Astronauts, you explore scenarios that include:

  • Mission 1: Deploy the Mars Transit Shuttle app on a global content delivery network.
  • Mission 2: AI Deep Space Translation using AI services to translate, transcribe, and record messages in languages from all over the world.
  • Mission 3: Deploy for Mars arrival and see the power of modern techniques like Agile, DevOps, and Microservices.
  • Mission 4: Forecast the future of energy demand at a Mars Colony facing an imminent Martian sandstorm.
    Mission 5: Utilize Machine Learning to identify potential funders for Mars Colony growth.
  • Mission 6: Help get the Mars Regolith Rover autonmous vehicles back on the road by retraining their AI core engines.
  • Mission 7: Begin a data investigation into bad data used to identify future Mars colonists. (Part 1)
  • Mission 8: Complete the data investigation into bad data used to identify future Mars colonists. (Part 2)

Your Test Pilot Scenario(s): A range of scenarios in 2042 and 2043 as you travel out to Mars Colony aboard the Mars Transit Shuttle and then arrive and disembark at Mars Colony.  You will successfully manage multiple challenges on the journey to Mars (Missions 1-3) as well as during your first few months on the ground (Missions 4-8).  You will quickly become a trusted technology advisor to Mars Colony leadership as you gain knowledge and skills in Cloud Native technologies, modern engineering, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. 

Download Contents:

  • All of the user guides, custom applications, and data files needed to implement all eight missions on AWS.
  • Free with every purchase.  We provide our Blast off! and Bail out! guides to starting and closing your AWS account so you never feel locked in and can always ramp down if you need to.  

On Purchase

  • The complete Mission 8-pack suite of products is delivered immediately after purchase via email from Cloud Astronauts.  You will receive links to download your Mission materials.  Watch your Junk mail folder if you don't see it immediately.  Complete your download anytime within 60 days and up to two times.