Mission 3 - Deploy for Mars Arrival using AWS

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Explore the new frontier of software development with an introduction to Agile, CICD, and Microservices while deploying for Mars arrival!
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The Mission 3 Flight Pack to Deploy Mars Shuttle App for Arrival takes our first adventure to a new and higher level. In this mission, participants upgrade the Mars Shuttle application on the eve of Mars arrival and in the process learn about the hottest trends in modern software from Agile to Microservices. Sounds hard? It's not! With Cloud Astronauts, we make it easy to learn. No coding or technical skills required.

Your Test Pilot Scenario:  It's early 2043 and you have just arrived in Mars orbit after a 210-day journey!  It will soon be time to disembark via local shuttle to Mars Colony.  But first, you have one last mission from the captain.  You have been asked to redeploy the Mars Transit Shuttle application onto a new AWS service that allows for faster development and updates.  Information on the ground shuttles' arrival is changing by the minute and you will help the captain provide the latest update to the passengers and when they will be disembarking for Mars Colony.

With Mission 3, you will get to explore - in a simple way - some of the most advanced software development processes in use today.  Starting with creating a code repository on GitHub (the world's most widely used code repository) and then using AWS Amplify to host the updated Mars Shuttle application.  You will then get to work with automated deployments (CICD), agile development in branching, merging, and releasing code, and learn more how the biggest and most successful companies in the world are able to be so innovative and dynamic.   A great - yet easy - introduction to modern engineering practices.

Download Contents:

  • Mission 3 Flight Pack includes the Test Pilot User Guide with step-by-step instructions that make learning easy and our custom Mars Transit Shuttle application - a simple static website that is easy to update, modify, and explore - updated for Mars arrival.
  • Easy in/Easy out.   Free with every purchase.  We provide our Blast off! and Bail out! guides to starting and closing your AWS account so you never feel locked in and can always ramp down if you need to.  

On Purchase

  • This product is delivered by email from Cloud Astronauts immediately after purchase.  You will receive links to download your Mission materials.  Watch your Junk mail folder if you don't see it immediately.  Complete your download anytime within 60 days and up to two times.