Mission 9 - Mars AutoML Testing using AWS

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Explore Automated machine learning and collect benchmark testing metrics for use in a cross-cloud comparison.

The Mission 9 - Mars AutoML Benchmark Testing Flight Package begins a cross-cloud test of AutoML products to collect benchmark metrics and choose an appropriate service based on ease-of-use, cost, and model quality.   On behalf of Mars Colony, you will explore an automated machine learning service on AWS, SageMaker Autopilot, to determine if it is a good fit for Mars Colony's non-technical users.  This mission does not require coding or technical skills.  

Your Test Pilot Scenario:  Mars Colony leadership has asked you to run benchmark tests on multiple cloud services and determine which one is best for Mars Colony’s non-technical resources for everyday use in the field.  You will use the AWS service, AWS SageMaker Autopilot, and collect key metrics.  Then, you will do the same for other cloud services as applicable and ultimately make a recommendation on which service is best for Mars Colony.  

Download Contents:

  • The Mission 9 Flight Pack includes the Test Pilot User Guide with step-by-step instructions to navigate using the SageMaker Autopilot service to create a machine learning model and the data files you will need for this benchmark test.     
  • Easy in/Easy out.   Free with every purchase.  We provide our Blast off! and Bail out! guides to starting and closing your AWS account so you never feel locked in and can always ramp down if you need to.  

On Purchase

  • This product is delivered by email from Cloud Astronauts immediately after purchase.  You will receive links to download your Mission materials.  Watch your Junk mail folder if you don't see it immediately.  Complete your download anytime within 60 days and up to two times.